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Property Maintenance Snow removal Spring and Fall seasonal cleanups Lawn care

Reclaim Your Free Time With Our Property Maintenance

Don't waste your weekends working on your yard or cleaning your driveway! Instead, spend your free time with your friends and family while the professionals at The Green Art take care of your property maintenance.

We'll work all year round and through all seasons to make certain your property looks beautiful as ever!

Weekly And Monthly Service For Lawn Care

A well-kept lawn adds value to your property. We understand that it may not always be possible tending to your lawn and yard. Let us take care of everything while you concentrate on more important things in your life.

Comprehensive Property Maintenance Services

  • Spring and Fall seasonal cleanups

  • Leaf raking

  • Annual cutting, seeding, fertilizing

  • Weed trimming

Don't make a million calls to get the job done! You deal with me throughout the process.


Call today for a FREE estimate.

Hassle-Free Snow Removal Services

Don't let a snowstorm keep you trapped at home! With over 35 years of experience in the business, we can remove snow from your property while you stay warm and toasty inside.


Get personable, trustworthy, one-on-one services whenever you come to The Green Art for landscaping and hardscaping services in Oak Park, IL.